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Merchant Account Rates


Our Merchant Account Rates structure is amongst the simplest in the industry, we have no hidden charges and prompt settlement to any bank worldwide on a weekly basis.

Avoid the complicated rate structure of some Merchant Accounts - typically US businesses will exposed to approximately 30 different fees/rates - with different types of credit or debit cards, making it more complex and difficult to work with.
PayWorld have a flat rate for acquiring - no more multiple acquiring rates for different types of cards.

Service Low - High Risk Merchant Accounts & Services Competitor Rates
Application Fee $0 up to $250
Weekly Fee $0 $50-$100
Transaction Fee $0.10 $0.35 - $0.50
Gateway Fee $0 up to $50 weekly
Wire Fee $0 up to $20
Minimum Transaction Amount $1 $5
US Discount Rate from $1.8 2.95%
INTL Discount Rate from $1.8 4.35%
Statement Fee $20 up to $50
Hidden Costs NONE YES
Minimum Turnover NONE YES
Maximum Turnover NONE YES
 Setup Time  *Hours  Days

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A Merchant Account Setup Fee is only chargeable if your merchant account application is accepted.



Rates listed apply to each transaction.


Note: These rates and fees are dependent on each individual business’s history. Rates and Fees may vary depending on business account type and history.

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Date website last updated: 09 February 2008
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